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Sunday, February 3, 2013

I want to lose weight

Many people, when they start to follow a weight loss diet, have extremely unrealistic expectations of weight that could be brought down and the speed of this process.

During the first week you can lose weight by 3 and a half pounds when diet is very strict. But do not be fooled that this loss will continue at the same pace in the coming weeks. After the first week, your weight will decrease depending on the dietary regimen about a pound a week. This loss depends on your initial weight, diet and exercise. Protect yourself from the fast diets that result in weight loss of up to 5 kg in the first week. If you follow a diet that allowed very few calories per day, half of the weight that is lost will be water. The body has the ability to store energy, which prevents weight loss. If you want to keep the achieved weight, you need to change your diet.
What not to do when you're on a diet:
  •  Do not eat while doing something else - for example, while watching TV. When you eat, focus only on the food!
  •  When you exercise, wear light clothing. Misconception is that the clothes that you sweat, you lose weight - body very well keep your water balance!
  •  Do not be fooled that Laxative to prevent digested food!
  •  Do not skip breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day.
What to do when you're on a diet:
  •  Stop frying - bake!
  •  Cook with less fat - do not put oil in your salad!
  •  Beware of soft drinks - they contain a lot of calories!
  •  Stock up with low-calorie foods and lots of vegetables!
  •  Try to eat with the whole family, not the children first, and then with her husband (wife).