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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Coonskin - good for muscle torture

Coonskin is a truly great power workout that will drain up to a maximum your muscles and in turn will make your body tight as a guitar string. For relatively good news can be considered the fact that the series Coonskin run only one round, which means that you can perform repetitions of each exercise as quickly as possible, without botching it or spoiling his technique then immediately go to the next.
 Here is how it looks:
1. Rowing with dumbbell - 35 reps

2. Dead lift - 25 reps

3. Squats, low to the ground - 50 reps

4. Shoulder presses from handstand - 15 reps

5. Shoulder presses with rod - 25 reps

6. Push-ups - 50 reps