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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The most effective diet in the world

Diet cabbage soup weight loss guarantee and includes some low-calorie foods. She performed one week. This high-fiber diet has been known since the 50s of the last century and it is down 4 to 5 kg. 
At its heart is eating cabbage soup, eat a period of seven days. Rapid weight loss with this diet is not due to some miraculous action of cabbage but its low calorific.
Should be noted that diet is short. It does not provide all the necessary nutrients and maintaining the achieved weight. If, after following her to start eating the old way, you'll quickly regain the lost weight.
Day 1: Cabbage soup and unlimited fruits except bananas. It is allowed to drink coffee and tea without sugar. 
Day 2: Cabbage soup and a baked potato with a piece of butter. Throughout the day you can eat low-fat smothered vegetables. 
DAY 3: All kinds of fruits and vegetables, no bananas and potatoes. 
DAY 4: About 8 bananas and unlimited skimmed milk.
DAY 5: Besides the unlimited amount of cabbage soup are allowed 500 grams of fish, chicken or beef with tomatoes. It is mandatory to drink 6-8 glasses of water. Vegetarians can obtain protein with tofu.
DAY 6: Unlimited cabbage soup, vegetables or beef (chicken) and fish. Potatoes are still banned. 
DAY 7: On the last day of the diet are allowed unlimited amounts of cabbage soup, fruit juice without sugar,  vegetables and 2 cups of brown rice.