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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Golden tips for healthy weight loss

  1. Healthy weight loss takes time. You're not building castles in the air. Results for two weeks is attainable only in magazines.
  2. Careful with diet. Since most weight loss programs only weakens your wallet.
  3. Do not count calories. Be honest. Suffice it what you learned in school.
  4. Do not eat everything on your plate. Your parents are probably nice people. But not all follow their advice.
  5. Outsmart your stomach. First of vegetable soup or salad - and then from the main course you will eat less.
  6. Eat more often. To starve 12 hours, then racked refrigerator not help anyone to lose weight healthily.
  7. Be honest to yourself. Spend thought it over his head (best keep a diary) I've eaten in the last 48 hours - and you'll be unpleasantly surprised.
  8. Train. Whole Foods is like running, trying several times and finally everything falls into place.
  9. Do not forbid anything. If you love chocolate - OK, but not every day.
  10. Surround any radical changes. The car does not pass suddenly from diesel fuel.