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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

7 reasones to eat bananas

Home of the yellow fruit is southeast Asia. From there it was brought in tropical parts of Africa, and later in America. Besides delicious banana hiding of properties beneficial to health and well being.

 1. Energy
Southern fruit is rich in simple carbohydrates that are broken down very quickly by our body. Thus our body is procuring high energy charge. This makes bananas suitable food for athletes and people suffering from fatigue and loss of strength.

 2. In a good mood
Contained vitamin B6 in bananas stimulates the action of serotonin "Hormone of happiness". It has beneficial effects on the central nervous system: improves mood and helps fight stress. Note that the initial amount in the southern fruit growing in the ripening process, but if the bananas brown spots appear, vitamin begins to degrade.

 3. For the brain, heart and blood pressure
Thanks potassium, which contain bananas may significantly reduce the risk of stroke. To do so, taking a banana a day. Potassium also prevents cardiovascular problems and lowers blood pressure - you regularly eat three bananas a day. A helper is potassium magnesium that strengthens the heart and muscles. The level of both is not affected by the stage of ripeness of the bananas.

 4. For slim figure
Furthermore, they contain almost zero fat grams, bananas are rich and specialty. complex carbohydrates. The body needs more time to their degradation and thus maintain a feeling of fullness in you long.If starvation diet, you can even eat six bananas a day. But it is important to drink at least three liters and mineral water or unsweetened tea per day. Otherwise bananas may lead to constipation. Keep in mind that the more mature banana is, the more complex carbohydrates are converted into simple, overripe bananas put on weight, not shoot them down.

 5. For stomach problems
Taking three bananas a day in combination with three large glasses of mineral water or unsweetened tea to each of them regulate your digestion. In addition, some of the substances found in bananas, helps the formation of a protective layer type who "dress" the wall of your stomach and neutralize excess acids.

 6. Against gallstones
Southern fruit pectin associated with excess bile acids in the body and dispose of it as it reduces the risk of developing gallstones. As a result, our body must re-formed bile, which requires cholesterol. And our body it comes from your blood and reduce the level there.

 7. For premenstrual syndrome
Many women suffer from back pain in the the groin, nervousness and irritability before menstruation. Complaints are compounded by stress and lack of vitamin B6. In the case of banana helps with stiff muscles in the back and stomach area, and against the stretched nerves, and against the feeling of heaviness in the chest. Our advice: 4-5 days before the beginning of the cycle to start eating a couple of bananas a day.