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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Dangers of strength training

Some people like their strength training, but not on others. Anyway workouts are kind of stress on the body by reducing its ability to fight infections - weakened immunity. And also leads to exacerbation of chronic infections. When bodybuilders effects of strength training affects teeth, respiratory, gallbladder and stomach. But not always decreases immunity is the result of hard training.
 For example, caries problems in athletes is explained by the fact that in the process of training is used more often breathe through the mouth, and the gym is not an absolute feature purity. When you breathe through your nose, about 50-60 percent of dust and bacteria in the nasopharynx remains and so does not enter directly into the body, but the cause of lowered immunity.
 What measures to take against this?
 First - the saliva itself is capable of killing bacteria. Worst deal saliva at night. This is why cleaning the teeth before bedtime for those engaged in sports is very important and not only for them of course. 
 Obviously you need to brush their teeth in the morning. You need to rinse your mouth after every meal with special disinfectants or at least water. Generally, it is necessary to take care of your teeth, thus preventing infections not only for them but also the whole body.

 Not only the teeth are at risk. As a result of regular loads decreased resistance of mucous membranes in the throat and as a result, become inflamed tonsils. This inflammation of the tonsils may also be caused by not fully cured angina. Chronic tonsillitis, sooner or later lead to heart disease. So we do not need to "play with fire" at the first sign of angina to undergo treatment and not enter the gym.
 Since the attacks of bacteria and is in danger and gall bladder inflammation is called cholecystitis. As you know any exercise leads to increased blood flow. Consequently untreated cholecystitis can infect the gastrointestinal tract. Until the disease is completely curable. Every six months, it is better to view gastroenterologist for prevention of the disease.
Much of the world population suffers from gastritis - a disease of the stomach. If left untreated gastritis leads to gastric ulcer. The recommendations are the same as in holitsestita - do research on her stomach at least six months.
Do not play Russian roulette with your health, yet it is priceless. And remember, the goal of any bodybuilder - build muscle mass is impossible if you have internal infections.