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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Healthy sleep helps with weight loss diets

Health, at least seven hours of sleep is so important to want to lose weight as diet, say Canadian researchers. Lack of sleep increases hunger signals in the brain, which increases the level of hormones responsible for appetite and so a person eats more and more, the study says the researchers, published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association.
 Study lasting 17 weeks, which involved 123 volunteers with overweight and obesity, showed that people who slept longer, had a much higher chance to lose weight. Experts in Eastern Ontario Research Institute and University "Laval" in Quebec have found that during sleep, the body loses 5 to 10% of fat cells.
 They recommend different diets and weight loss programs can be combined with measures to improve sleep. In this combination weight loss is not that short process, but in contrast, there was no yo-yo effect. By another experiment, the researchers found that if you increase the duration of sleep from 6 to 7 hours, even under very mild diet managed to lose 2.5 kg. for six years. Now scientists will establish what prevents most of the healthy sleep - such as watching TV, for example.