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Friday, February 1, 2013

Eating after workout

Rules for eating after workout
Immediately after long power load eat something rich vaglihidrati to restore the glycogen in the muscles. It gives you energy glycogen with the help of that - running, exercise, jump and even read this article. Detect one hour after training and start picking up a lot of protein. Be sure to drink plenty of water after a workout at the gym. You can even do so - Weigh before and after exercise, and drink two glasses of water for every pound shot.

1. Brown Rice 
 Contains carbohydrates exactly what you need to restore the energy balance. Brown rice is way more nutritious than ordinary. It is suitable for food, even the strictest vegetarians.
2. Chicken breast 
 Not coincidentally is the most popular favorite food for bodybuilders. That chicken will give you this amount of protein you need to build your muscles - big, powerful and bulky.
3.  Potatoes
 Potassium - it's your best friend. It is a catalyst and makes your nervous system works and muskulite.Taka accelerates metabolism and the process of muscle growth is faster. Potassium will find most of the potatoes and bananas.
4. Oranges 
 Basically after training you should eat foods rich in juice - watermelon, grapes or oranges. They will help you recover from dehydration during training, but also will make you feel nutrients - Vitamin B1, B2, A and D, phosphorus and potassium.
5. Soy protein bar
 Why Soy? Because soy reduces the risk of heart disease, prevent prostate cancer and may upgrade the immune system. Why protein, hopefully not have to explain. Just take one protein bar after the workout and voila - full of energy.