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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why train in the morning

In the morning we are full of energy and willing to deal with it, just not with weight lifting and training. But a few facts convince us that Morning workout is most meaningful to our body.
We will present these 7 important facts about the benefits of exercise in the morning.
1. Training in the morning is effective
 In the morning we have sufficient forces and capabilities to do additional reps and training so we can have the maximum effect.
2. Training in the morning discipline
3. Stimulates metabolism
 It is proved that morning at the burn - and a lot of calories so your metabolism speeds up.
4. Regulate appetite
  Training in the morning will help you adjust your appetite for the day. You will gradually find that your food has become like clockwork and you will not get so many serious dips in energy levels.
5. Increases motivation
  You take a lot to get out of bed and went to the hall finesse. You're a big discipline. However, this habit and finding the courage to go to the gym can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Therefore, motivate and make morning workout like brushing your teeth.
6. Better sleep
 Training gives good results in the quality of your sleep. Your body needs sleep to recharge for the next workout possible.
7. Improving your diet
 It leads to an immediate burning fat. But remember, after 30 minutes you have completed training and dine, not to fall into a catabolic shock. You can load your body with energy.