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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sports Diet

Sports diet is suitable for people who want to have a lean, well-shaped figure without excess fat. But to achieve this you must follow certain rules.
Key Recommendations:
To get rid of excess fat, you need first of all better your metabolism works. Every morning before breakfast have to do some exercises without using weights. Every day you need to take as many liquids, leading to purification of the body and help protein synthesis and fat burning. To stick to a diet - that does not mean you have to give up everything. Once a week you can pander with any goodies, but caps.
Sports diet that builds body and relief
In daily calorie intake, fat should not be more than 20-30%. Preference may be given to healthy fats that are contained in: oily fish, nuts, oils, avocados and olives. To have a beautiful figure, the amount of calories consumed should be more than a full meal. The amount of protein taken during the day must be in the ratio of 3 g 1 kg weight. To achieve a beautiful landscape, daily protein should be distributed evenly and accepted. But it should be borne in mind that this rule is used when performing regular workouts. Carbohydrates should be adopted compulsory morning with breakfast and also before and after training. You should eat 5-6 times a day. Ingested food for lunch must be the least amount of calories. Also current is required to take a certain amount of plant food. You need to remember and fibers that are very important part of the diet.
What impact sports diet for muscle growth ?
Recommended the adoption of fruits and vegetables, natural source of carbohydrates and fiber. Beneficial fats promote the formation of muscle mass, they contribute to the accumulation of glucose in muscle tissue. Three times a week you need to eat oily fish (sardines, sprat, herring, mackerel, tuna, bonito, lakerda, salmon). In the diet should also include eggs (3 egg whites and 1 yolk), salads, which is best to take it with olive oil. Before the workout should take food that consists of complex carbohydrates (cereals and legumes) - they degrade relatively slowly, leading to a longer supply of energy. You should eat 6-7 times a day to avoid "jumping energy." Moreover, such a diet leads to even entering the body of glucose and amino acids, which help to rebuild muscle tissue.After training is recommended to take carbohydrates and whey protein (preferably in the form of shakes). It is best when the sports diet is individualized depending on the person and the intensity of training.