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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Straighten rings

Type: Power
Main muscles performing the movement: Latisimusi
Other muscles involved in movement: Abs, biceps, forearms, middle back, shoulders, trapeze, triceps
Equipment and equipment: Equipment for binder rings
Level: Advanced
Movement: Pulling

 Method of execution

1. Grab the rings, so that the base of your palm is on them
2. Start by gently swinging the legs back.

3. Proceed with movement - strong legs swing forward and upward, pushing back his chin and chest, pulling up with both hands. Once you get to the - top position in this collection, pull rings to his armpits, turning his shoulders forward, allowing the elbow to move right behind you. This allows you to take an appropriate position for buckets.

4. Maintaining control and stability, stretch your elbows and finish the movement.
5. Be careful when you go down.