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Friday, January 25, 2013

Three killer workouts for arms

Remember that when it comes to the number of repetitions and sets, there are two main categories to which they should aspire in your workouts:
Many repetitions with light weights are great for muscle definition ("slicing"). Their range is 12-14. This category 3-4 series are optimal and rest between them must be less than a minute.
Low reps with heavy weights are great for adding muscle mass and strength. Their range is 6-10. In this category of 2-3 sets enough and can rest a little more.

Training program 1:
Bicepsovo folding bar on right
Pushing the barbell bench press with narrow grip for triceps
Bicepsovo folding dumbbell
Tricepsovo unfolding of the top rope hoist
Bicepsovo fold-dumbbell hammer hammers
Tricepsovo unfolding behind the head rope

Training program 2:
Bicepsovo folding barbell bench on Incline
Buckets of between benches
Bicepsovo fold lower pulley
Unilateral tricepsovo unfolding behind the head with a dumbbell
Bicepsovo fold lower pulley bench press
French unfolding bench press with dumbbells

Training program 3:
Bicepsovo folding bar for wide grip of the right
French unfolding barbell bench press
Crossed hammers dumbbell to chest
Tritsepsovo unfolding the upper pulley with a reverse grip
Scott folding biceps
Tritsepsovo expand both hands behind the head with a dumbbell from a seated position

Give variety by changing the order of exercises and rest for at least 2-3 days between workouts to have your hands time to recover.