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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Swimming is one of the most effective means of maintaining good health. It is recommended that all healthy people with no age limit. Ancient Indian philosophers have identified 10 advantages of swimming, giving the man a clear mind, good health, freshness, vigor, strength, beauty, youth, purity, good color and confidence.
The energy that is consumed in the course of exercising in the water is two times more than in the same workouts air. So swimming is recommended for people with problems with overweight and want to lose weight.
Benefits of swimming 
1. Strengthen respiratory muscles, increases mobility of the chest, significantly improves lung function and breathing
2. Reduce gravitational loads on the spine, strengthen the muscles of the chest, leading to better figura
3. Water positive effect on the nervous system - stimulate the brain, improves response and faster recovery after mental activity.
4. Hydro skin, improves circulation, stimulates the cardiovascular system 

5. Hadee body
 Use beautiful sunny summer day and if possible swim about better health and self-esteem. Summer days are a way to get a nice habit, even during the winter months using indoor swimming pools.