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Monday, February 25, 2013

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean people have the lowest death rate from cardiovascular disease. In their meal consume cheese, meat, and small amounts of alcohol. The secret of health lies in olive oil. Mediterraneans eat lots of fish, fresh foods and rarely use preservatives. Olive oil and fish oil helps the body to produce hormones that regulate cellular exchanges, prevent heart attacks and other heart problems. Production of this hormone is stimulated by small amounts of alcohol.
Mediterranean diet is not aimed directly at weight loss and quick weight loss. It allows to use health products, animal fats are absent, sugar and preservatives. Mediterranean diet excludes preservatives, frozen products, fast foods, convenience foods heavy meals

 Example day Mediterranean menu:
Some fruit, a little fresh bread, fruit juice or mineral water.

Salad with tuna, olives, olive oil, a few glasses of mineral water.
Peppers stuffed with rice, meat, tomatoes and spices, sprinkled with olive oil and baked in the oven, salad and fresh bread. A glass of red wine.
 Principles of the Mediterranean diet:

  Daily consume: 

Wholegrain pasta, bread, cereals.
Fruits, vegetables (fruit to eat 1-2 hours before the main meal, not after it)
Potatoes, beans, nuts, seeds
Skimmed milk, yogurt and cheese
Olive oil (for salads and cooking)
Herbs (basil, oregano, etc..)

Red wine (one glass with dinner)

Weekly consume:

Fish (preferably oily fish so-called)
Meat (mainly chicken, less beef)
Eggs (can be used and the preparation of pasta)

 Monthly consume: 

Bee honey

Why follow this diet?

Allows you to select a variety of dishes and helpful
There is a wide selection of Mediterranean cuisine in the restaurants
It is rather healthy diet than a diet
Dishes are made easy because mainly eaten fresh in appearance
With a diet lower blood pressure and cholesterol, relieve arthritis pain. This is due to the food contained useful fatty acids
Will develop your habit of proper and healthy diet