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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Milky diet for flat stomach

The diet should not be followed beyond 14 days may be repeated after a break from one to two months.
 Yogurt dinner shrink abdomen and removes venous edema. Milky diet menu is very easy to follow. Before each meal, drink a glass of water of 200 ml. 
Breakfast: yogurt, 1 baked apple tea with honey
Lunch: 200 g nonfat cottage cheese, 1 cup skim milk
Dinner: 1 boiled egg sandwich on whole grain bread, tomato and cucumber
Snack: 1 apple, 100 grams of yogurt

 Milky diet for losing weight:
First day: 5 boiled potatoes and 3 cups low-fat yogurt
Second day: 100 grams of boiled chicken, 3 cups low-fat yogurt 
Third day: 100 g boiled beef and 3 cups low-fat yogurt
Fourth day: 100 grams of boiled fish and 3 cups low-fat yogurt
Fifth day: fruits and vegetables and 3 cups low-fat yogurt
Six days: only yogurt
Seventh day: only mineral water

The diet is not recommended for people with excess stomach acidity. Diet is strong and can remove about 5 kg with her, but will probably feel weak. Drink vitamins will not interfere with your daily responsibilities.