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Friday, February 15, 2013

Protein diet with chicken - lose weight 3kg. for 7 days

Stick to this diet plan for one week, alternating days to lose around 3kg. When you finished, give yourself two weeks vacation, and of course continuing with a healthy diet and reduce sugar and carbohydrates to a minimum. 
DAY 1:
Breakfast: Omelet from three egg whites and 75g.  sliced peppers and handful of spinach.
Morning snack: 100g. chicken with ½ red pepper, sliced
Lunch: Grilled chicken breast, green salad, red peppers, green beans and ¼ tablespoon olive oil
Snack: 100g. turkey breast with ¼ cucumber, sliced
Dinner: 100g. grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli

Day 2:
Breakfast: Baked chicken breasts with a little green salad
Morning snack: 100g. turkey breast and ½ green pepper, chopped
Lunch: Roasted cod fish fillet with green salad with green pepper ½ tsp olive oil
Snack: 100g. turkey breast with 75g. steamed broccoli
Dinner: Salmon steamed with chopped dill and steamed green beans
 DAY 3:
Breakfast: 100g. Grilled salmon with baby spinach
Snack: 100g. chicken breast with ½ yellow pepper
Lunch: Chicken breast grilled with garden salad and ½ tbsp olive oil
Snack: 100g. turkey slices with ¼ avocado
Dinner: Roasted lamb chops, steamed broccoli and spinach