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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gymnastics and weight loss exercises in the office

Do you turn attention to what is your favorite position behind the desk in the office? Most often it is most improper. Surely you comfortable and inspire you, but do not even suspect that precisely distorted posture may lie the reason for your usual evening headaches or chronic fatigue. When you simply stand or sit in different balanced position, certain muscles are under constant tension.

 If bad posture becomes a habit, then sooner or later the constant strain on the same muscles developed into severe pain and disability with unexpected consequences. Among the hazardous effects of bad posture are unpleasant diseases such as hypertension, migraine, depression and insomnia. But, of course, leading the diseases of the spine.
 Here's how it looks: The back is straight, the pelvis is maximally pulled back, shoulders, face, but no tension in them. The distance between the counter top and the body would have to be at most 5 to 10 cm legs are freely put down with feet slightly apart and your thighs and the shank should be at right angles. If you work with a computer monitor should be at the height of your head. 

Here's what you risk with some of the most characteristic irregular stands. Pelvis forward, legs crossed, shoulders relaxed head off. Harmful doses: overloading of the spine, which can lead to permanent changes, back pain. Crossing the legs increases the risk of varicose veins! 
The pelvis is forward, back and shoulders are back, your legs are crossed. Harmful doses: load cervical spine, eyes are tired. Headache - it is guaranteed, there is danger and you generate spikes.
 For biceps
1. On the right sitting posture and feet on chair legs catch counter top with both hands so that your thumbs are on top and fingers underneath. Dragging to the desktop, while the body laid in it. Catch counter top and fingers crossed below and thrust back to straighten the arms. Repeats: 5 to 15 times.

For thighs
2. Again from the right sitting posture were thrust aside far away from the desk with small quick steps and then navigate to it in the same way. The exercise resembles ran back and forth, but with the chair. Duration: 1 to 3 minutes

For waistline and back
3. By doing seated twist left and right legs are fixed to each other by using a rotary motion of the chair, and hands are in front of your chest. Repeats: 15 times in left and right.

For stomach 
4. Sitting on the edge of the desk and grab their hands on it as the hips, legs propped up against the floor. Feet shrink up until your knees to your chest does not come, the burden should fall on his hands and buttocks. Then it resets. Repeats: 5 to 15 times.
For triceps and pectoral muscles
5. Stand with your back to the narrow side of the counter top and grab it firmly on both sides, the hands are at shoulder width. Relax maximum body down and then stand up without help from the legs. Repeats: 5 to 10 times.