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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Foods that prevent weakening

According to some experts in nutrition, there are several types of products that will not only contribute to weight gain, but also to prevent the process of weight lossachieved at a normal rate.
These products act on the regulatory centers responsible for proper metabolism by interfering with their activities.

1. Bread and bakery products (bread, biscuits, cakes, muffins, etc.).
In your diet one should be limited to 1.2 slices of whole grain bread or servingpasta from durum wheat.
2. All oils, including vegetable.According to this group of scientists and plant oils can adversely affect the process of losing weight if they are unbearable for this organism.
It is always better to replace it with cottage cheese.
4Sweet drinks.
Even with sweetener instead of sugar they can still confuse the weight loss process.
5Margarine and different 
mayonnaise .

These foods are high in fat, and even low calorie versions of these are not able to reduce the risk of weight gain.
6Meat - some species.
Fatty meats are taboo. The percentage of fat in normal and lean pork is over 30 per cent - so it must be eliminated when one wants to weakenBut as the body requires protein, you should consume: fish, especially sea, lean beef and white chicken meat.
7High-fat dairy products should be forgotten, but dairy foods are now offering low fat and this problem is almost solved.
However, do not forget that low fat does not always mean low calorie!
8Chocolate, ice cream and confectionery, including creams.
9. Vegetables and fruits with a high content of starch - potato, banana.

Experts say that if even one of these 10 products is completely eliminated,personal weight will start to decline.

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