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Friday, May 24, 2013

Beautiful CrossFit - 3x2

In today's labor Saturday the best option is to work hard on your physique while enjoying the beauty of this 3x2 program and CrossFit-Graces performing it - four of the most popular CrossFit beauties over the Ocean - Andrea Ager, Jackie Perez, Rita Benavides and Erin Siansiolo.

We know that you will not remove the eyes from them, so I will not harass you with a complex series of exercises. In fact, there are only two in this case thrusters and rope climb, that are performed 3 sets of decreasing reps for time.

Here is the CrossFit 3x2 program:

30 reps thrusters - squat and push the bar overhead by 34 kg. rod

3 rope climb with length 4.5 m

20 reps thrusters 34 kg. rod

2 rope climb length 4.5 m

10 reps thrusters 34 kg. rod

1 rope climb with length 4.5 m

 The program is made for the ladies, but you can try by gentlemen simply increase the weight of the bar or increase the number of uploads on the rope of your choice.

Here is how this video with the 4-CrossFit beautiful girls: