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Created with by Pablo García Fernández


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Workout for beginners on boxing bag

Fighters do not need gym equipment to keep your body in good shape, but only boxing bag. It is ideal for building strong punches, while burn fat during intense workouts. This workout is ideal for entry in the form of beginner fighters.

 Do the following exercises one after another. Then a rest 30 seconds. Then proceed 5 rounds.

 1. Five low kicks, then five high kicks. With your right leg strike into the bottom of the boxing bag (imagining that hit the legs of your opponent) five times. Then strike the top of the boxing bag (imaginary aim for the head).
2. Same as above, but with the left leg. 

3. Twenty straight puches (alternating left and right hand).

4. Five left hook and then five right.

5. Five strokes with the knee, while every stroke change the legs. Wrap the boxing bag with your hands as if he were the head of the opponent and strike with the knee in the sides of the boxing bag.

 To avoid injury, always use bandages or gloves when working on the boxing bag.