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Monday, September 2, 2013

Training with elastics

One of the most effective appliances for functional workouts are rubber bands.

Resistance bands come in many different shapes and sizes but all have the same qualities. They provide a wide variety of loads and a large percentage efficiency.

Training elastics allow greater flexibility in the exercises, while burdening many different muscle groups. The exercises can be done from different angles and under control, which can not happen when training with free weights.

At trainings you can tie them around your ankles or knees, the load on the lower part of your body will become quite solid. With bands shall be achieved good healing in the thigh and strength endurance.

They also have a very good impact on the torso. With them you can easily take twisting of the abdominal muscles as the best machine can not provide you.

Another benefit of the bands is that you can adjust your training speed. If you want to train explosively - bands are the safest tool for that.

With training elastics are straighten various problems with stability. These can fix lost balance.

From the side of the price they are also very attractive. With a little amount set aside, you can buy several types of difficulty bands, which at the same time take up much less space than dumbbells and are easily portable.

Big difference between trainings with free weights and bands is the point of greatest stress. With dumbbells for example, they put it at the beginning of the movement. At bands is in the final stage - when stretched. This way you build muscle from a different angle and it becomes even more robust.

Training with Bands are a great benefit to all practicing martial arts as much help to build speed and explosiveness.

Bands load not only nerves and muscles throughout the body in a more efficient way, but also aim at fast twitch muscle fibers for more speed. According to some studies, loads of bands are more effective and plyometric training for combat sports.

Besides martial arts, bands can be additionally for your workouts to increase muscle growth.

If the sport which you are practicing requires speed, athleticism and explosiveness, you must try workouts with bands for greater efficiency.