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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Training according to your blood group?

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the famous diet according to blood type. Now, however, the horizon rises and its fitness for - four training approach designed for the representatives of each different blood type - A, B, AB and 0.

According to Dr. Joseph Christiano - one of the authors of the program The Blood Type Workout, each blood group is a powerful genetic fingerprint that determines the chemical reaction of the body not just the food that a person consumes, but also to physical exercise, which he causes on your body.

Although fitness philosophy of Dr. Joseph Christiano on the selection of training depending on the blood group, still faces a lot of skeptical sports fans, it definitely has its logical sides. Here is what recommendations contains:

Blood group 0


In its genetic structure, the representatives of blood group 0 are close up to the cave men and women who spend their days stalking and hunting of wild animals. As they often had to react quickly to protect themselves from sudden attacks of predators, the morphology of these prehistoric people were characterized by extremely strong, muscular and well-developed limbs.

The most suitable type of workout

Just like their supposed ancestors, people with blood type O. usually distinguished athletic bodies and very strong arms and legs. Most effective in their physique appear as high-intensity interval training cardio series or plyometric exercises. Because holders of blood group 0 are often used as a kind of training emotional release for them they are a very important factor in coping with stress and bad moods than they are with the representatives of other blood groups.

Recommended diet

People with blood type O. should avoid consuming too many processed carbohydrates and the intake of dairy products. Appropriate for them sticking to a diet similar in its nature to the principles of the Paleo diet.

Blood group B


For ancestors of people with blood type B are considered nomads who are constantly on the move and always traveled in compact groups.

The most suitable type of workout

People with blood group B best reflects the practice of team sports, cardio moderate loads, cycling, tennis, and strength training.

Recommended diet

Representatives of blood group B is one of the few genetically favored people who can smoothly enjoy all kinds of dairy products. Well they reflect more meat and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Blood group AB


DNA atoms of people with blood group AB is a hybrid and as such, it contains elements of both the characteristics of the A and B blood groups.

The most suitable type of workout

Holders of blood group AB are prone to obtain stiffs in muscles and joints due to high-intensity cardio sessions, so a more appropriate option for them is a friendly exercise like long walks, jogging, golf or dancing. Because the members of this blood type are often prone to the accumulation of inner anger and aggression fruitful will affect them and relaxing activities with yoga or tai chi.

Recommended diet

Less red meat, moderate amounts of dairy products and emphasis on fruits, vegetables and whole grains.