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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Road to Success

Stagnation in development - what should we do?

How often do you hear train in the gym to complain that they train hard and give everything, but the results are unsatisfactory, and their muscles barely growing. There is hardly anyone who has not fallen in a similar situation. But this is no reason to give up, because these linger are the norm. Usually they do not last long and in most cases can be saved with just a small change in your training or just rest it a few days. Unfortunately, many practitioners do not pay attention to the fact that there is no development, and continue to train so forever. When a few weeks to become stagnant in several months, then you should seriously look at his training regime.

Success in bodybuilding depends on many things, such as training in the gym usually go for the most important part. Although this is the foundation, many other adverse factors can be fatal to your success. When you decide to change your workout, take a look at things and outside the hall. Never forget the importance of diet, rest and carefully listen to what your body says.

Outside the gym

Muscles can not grow no matter how you train, if you do not give them time to recover and proper diet. Additives are particularly useful, but by themselves will not do wonders, so I called and additives. Eat a variety of foods as possible less processed in order to secure a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. To obtain the necessary energy to exercise and increase muscle, eat enough calories, the adoption can be divided in the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


Along with exercise and diet break is the third major part of the success formula. Contrary to what many practitioners believe it is the muscles grow when you are resting, not until they were loaded into the hall. Training depletes muscle, it hurts them and makes them weaker. Giving them enough rest and food to restore your body to recover and grow stronger. Without the break that will not happen and your workouts will not only be ineffective, but will most likely end up in a hospital with serious injuries and muscle injuries.

Listen to your body

Essential part of the good rest is to listen to what your body tells you. Neither the doctor, and even your own mother does not know exactly how you feel. In the beginning it will be difficult to understand what is trying to tell the body, but over time will begin to count all signs that your body is constantly sending you. Sometimes it will need rest, sometimes you will want a heavy and intense workout. You should try to decide what and when you need it.