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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Short workouts are also helpful !

It is widely believed that maintaining a good physical fitness requires long hours of hard work in the gym or training in athletics. New research by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology reverses this notion completely. It shows that only 4 minutes strenuous exercise three times a week doing dilapidated men stronger and more durable physically.

 Regular exercise increases the maximum transmission capacity of blood oxygen - a well-known measure of physical fitness. However, there is not yet known how much exercise is needed and how intensively they must be in order to achieve a certain increase in this capacity. To begin to unraveled Gordian knot, researchers from the University of Measurements with their students.

 Their data show that one of probably the most economical strategies from the efforts is the holding of three weekly sessions of strenuous physical activity lasting only 4 minutes. They measure the oxygen capacity of 24 inactive, healthy men before and after completion of 10-week course on the syllabus.

 The participants were divided into two groups. One out of training 90% of the target heart rate for the age group and the second - on 70%.

 Training sessions achieved 13 per cent increase in the oxygen capacity of the blood in the first group and 10 percent in the second. Considered is a reduction in mean blood pressure of the participants in both groups. Also, it is reported accurately hemoglobin content of the blood and its modification after completion of the program. Are not taken into account changes in the number of Cherevno cells.

 A limitation of surveys, however, is the small number of participants. Furthermore, the design of that study it can be assumed that such a rapid and significant increase in the oxygen capacity is achieved only in the inactive men. Fully probably 10 per cent increase in the oxygen capacity of physically active man who has a much higher output level to achieve by far more intense and prolonged.

 However, given the large number of inactive and obese men and their larger relative share in society, the study has its benefits and contributions. It may be particularly useful for people who need "initial impetus" of momentum that put them on the path to better physical shape.