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Monday, July 1, 2013

For the first time to the gym?

Visiting the gym is a good sign - indicates a desire to get in shape. We present the basic principles and ideas of training, as well as some basic rules... 

When preparing the exercise program, the choice should be between melting overweight or gaining muscle mass. Experts say that a program can not include both goals.

The first step: setting a goal. Have sound judgment - is available muscle mass, but quite fat or fat will melt, but there isn't also a very specific muscle? Once this is determined, you must select a proper diet.

If the first goal is weight loss program begins with dietary changes: six snacks, split equally over time in two or three hours. Each of them should contain protein - eggs, nuts, red meat or chicken or fish, carbohydrates with a minimum sugar content - wholemeal bread, sweet potatoes, fruits, brown rice, and, of course, the optimal amount of water.

If the target is gaining muscle mass is required taking at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of weight of the train with every meal. These meals may be more voluminous, and at least two of them must end with a protein shake. This meal, however, is double-edged sword: with so abundant nutrition and the body is muscle and fat, and if you miss even one workout plan obesity avalanche gaining momentum.

Second step: deciding whether you will first force or body will burn fat.

Strength training with weights three times a week: one day for chest, shoulders and triceps, the second day - for back and biceps, the third - for feet. Must be loaded on multiple muscle groups with each workout. Each training day repetitions of these exercises should be between 5-8 and before next set obligatory are made breaks 2-3 minutes. It is important that these exercises should be done without prior cardio - exercise bike or treadmill, because they supply the muscles with more oxygen, and aerobic conditions are slowing down the accumulation of muscle tissue.

Weight loss program is very similar to the powerplant, but runs at a faster speed and more repetitive. Again will take three days per week, but the areas of load will be different: first day - chest and back, the second - leg, third - shoulders and arms. Between each repetition, breaks should not be more than 1 minute. Here, to the surprise of regular fitness buffs with more experience, also not recommended cardio. Running and cycling are the best ways to lose weight, they tend to support the results already achieved. If there is no tone, it is still allowed to the beginners to replace the wheel or track with jumping rope jumping 20 seconds followed by 20 seconds rest. However, the rope should not take more than 10-15 minutes of exercise.