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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ten variations of pushups

Before you decide to do the different variations of the classic pushup, do not forget to learn how to make the original version correctly. This means that you have to keep your back straight, abdomen and buttocks - tight, shoulders and elbows are in line. Body should resemble a board lifted from your hands.

Undoubtedly push-ups are hard, but can be super effective. They make the body stronger and more flexible. Different variations of this exercise can strengthen the abdomen, back, legs ... and almost every muscle in the body.

Here are 10 versions pushup given by fitness instructor Martin Rooney:

Pushup # 1: knee to elbow

Stand in the top pushup position. Keep your back straight, but lower your torso slightly. Bring your knee to the outside of your elbow. Then return leg to the starting position and repeat with the other. Any moving of your foot bend your arms at the elbows (as does a pushup).

Pushup # 2: Knee to chest
Start from top pushup position. Keep your back straight. In any straightening your arms, bringing one knee up to your chest. Make sure that your feet is not touching the ground. Return leg to its original position. Alternate between the two legs.

Pushup # 3: Mismatch hands and one supporting leg

Start from top pushup position, but place one hand over the other away. Lift the leg on the opposite side from that position and do the exercise by changing the supporting leg. Keep your back straight and torso under control. When you reach the floor, fold the elbows wider. Perform five to ten repetitions with each arm forward and up diagonal leg.

Pushup # 4: A pivot arm
Begin this exercise as normal pushup, but lift one arm is straight above the shoulder. Take turns with the other arm.

Pushup # 5: Soldier pushup

Start at the bottom of the pushup position with elbows bent and bent, straight trunk. Then, in facing elbow, reach a higher position in the top of the road turn your shoulders to the wall and stretch one arm toward the ceiling. Then back to the starting position. Switch between lifting the left and right hand.

Pushup # 6: With leg up sideways
Start from typical pushup position. Keep your back straight, and torso - under control. The "bottom" of the pushup kick with one foot away, with the right knee. Then return leg to the starting position until you return to the top of the pushup. Then repeat the movement to the other side, lift the other foot.

Pushup # 7: With the first leg up

Start in the low pushup position and achieve a high position in the top of every invert shoulders horizontally as kicking one leg forward as high as possible while touching with fingers the opposite hand. Then return to the original position and repeat on the other side.

Pushup # 8: With the twist of th hipes


Start from up position of the pushup and contraction of the elbow bend the torso and leg, as shown, but not your thighs touch the ground.

Pushup # 9: On the wall


Start in a typical high pushup position, with one key difference: lean your legs against the wall. Lower your chest toward the floor by bending at the elbows. Try to keep your elbows close and do not twist out. Then return to the starting position.

Pushup # 10: hands under the belly

Start a high pushup position, but apart your legs  slightly off. Put your hands under the breasts and pinch them. Drag forehead as close to the ground while pushing your body back and hips up.